Commissioned New Works Created for Megumi Masaki

2017         Jordan Pal: New Piano Concerto for piano and orchestra (in progress)

2016         John Burge and Gary Kibbins: New Work for piano, electronics and video (in progress)

2016         Randolph Peters: First Person Flyer for piano, electronics, Go Pro, fixed and live video. (in progress).

2016         Gordon Fitzell: Ai Weiwei On Poetry (2016) for prepared piano, toy piano, voice and unorthodox                                     instruments.

2015         Brent Lee: This is a message for Julie Wade for piano, interactive electronics and interactive visuals.

2015         Vincent Ho: Eccentric Gestures for solo piano in three movements.

2015         Douglas Finch (composer) and Sigi Torinus (visual artist) Epiphanies I for piano, poetry and live visuals.

2015         T. Patrick Carrabré (composer) with text by Margaret Atwood: Orpheus (2) for piano, electronics and poetry.

2015         Keith Hamel: Corona for piano, interactive electronics, interactive visuals, and automated score following.

2014         Brent Lee (composer) and Chris McNamara (video): Outer Drive for piano and interactive video.

2014         Kenneth Nichols (composer) with text by Di Brandt for piano and interactive poetry: Walking to Mojácar,                     Granada and Gracias.

2013         Ken Steen (composer), Gene Gort (visual artist), Stephen Pier (choreographer), Vito Pasquale (writer),                             Megumi Masaki (sound design): AS IF for piano, interactive electronics, choreography, movement, spoken                   poetry and interactive video.

2013         Nicole Lizée: Kubrick Études for piano, Glitch, electronics, amplified typewriter, and video.

2012         Keith Hamel: Touch for piano, interactive computer processing and gesture-tracking of the hands. Co-                           commission written for Corey Hamm and Megumi Masaki.

2012         T. Patrick Carrabré: Orpheus Drones for piano and electronics.

2012         Brent Lee (composer) and Sigi Torinus (visual artist): Ferrovia for piano, interactive electronics &                                     interactive visuals.

2012         Jocelyn Morlock: Water Clocks for piano quintet for the Borealis Quartet and Megumi Masaki.

2012         Kjartan Ólafsson: In the Darkness of the Light for clarinet, piano and electronics, written for Catherine                         Wood and Megumi Masaki.

2011         Joshua Penman: Raga Etudes for solo piano.

2010         Nicole Lizée: Hitchcock Études for solo piano, electronics and video.

*Hitchcock Études performed by Megumi Masaki was selected to represent Canada at the ISCM World Music Days in Poland 2014.

2010         Brent Lee (composer) and Sigi Torinus (visual artist): Nächster Bahnhof for piano, interactive electronics &                   interactive visuals.

2010         Owen Bird (visual artist): dual visual tracks created for Vincent Ho’s Reflections in the Water (2000).

2008         Gerhard Ginader: Ancient Voices for piano and electronics.

2002         Carlyle Sharpe: LUGE piano quintet for Megumi Masaki and the Olympic Quartet.

2001         Robert Sattler: Olympic Dream for piano.