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Excerpt: … Music 4 Eyes and Ears set the bar high in terms of creativity and innovation. … provided a dazzling opening on Friday for a new season of music. Using a mixture of piano as well as video and electronics, Music 4 Eyes and Ears successfully managed to explore the harmonic relationship between art and sound.”

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Excerpt: “…5 (out of possible) 5 stars … Masaki is an admirable pianist. Her keystroke was soft and beautiful, energetic at the right moments, light and playful. … Conclusion: The most amazing (riveting) and mind-expanding concert I witnessed at the Dark Music Days Festival.”

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Excerpt: “Megumi Masaki expert of contemporary music … an exceedingly stimulating evening.”

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Excerpt: “One of the most exhilarating program points of the entire festival provided by … pianist Megumi Masaki. Especially Masaki’s solo concert was one of the festival’s highlights.”

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Excerpt: “Masaki’s performance was astonishing. She was courageously adventurous. … Her play was substantial, vivid and impulsive, ensouled by and highly engaged for the content of music. … passionate and human, though technically brilliant.”

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